The cosmetics industry is a constantly changing world. Through these conferences, we aim to provide a place where issues are analyzed and dissected. We want to draw on a wide variety of outside views and experience that can be transposed to the cosmetics industry.

Enrich yourself with different visions that can challenge the existing model, in order to change it to meet transition needs.

A program of future-oriented conferences presenting key elements for reflection to assist in the transformation of the cosmetics industry.

The program consists of four conferences

Presented by key influential figures, they revolve around the four major transitions:

  • Digital: we also talk about the “digital transformation”, the goal being to harness digital technology to the performance, productivity and efficiency of production chains, from conceptualization through to the finished product.
  • Environmental: climate change, dwindling natural resources and loss of biodiversity are issues that must be addressed in order to offer sustainable solutions.
  • Energy: this flows from the environmental transition but concerns energy in particular. The main goals are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, diversify production and promote the use of renewable energies.
  • Societal: changes in lifestyles, laws and centers of interest are at heart of our concerns and are causing our models of the future to change.

Program under construction…

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