CFIC 2023


CFIC reveals and rewards innovations in the cosmetics industry

We're living in a time of mutation, when change has become essential. Essential to preserve the planet's resources and to stay in the race! It's high time we rethought our models, rethought the way we think, the way we produce, the way we work, the way we trade... Whether it's environmental, energy, digital or societal, these transitions, even if they sometimes appear restrictive, represent great opportunities for businesses. Whether it's a question of getting noticed, adapting to new consumer expectations, meeting new needs, capturing new market share or staying ahead of the game, innovation is a real lever for development. 

 According to INSEE, sales of new products for the market or
for the company account for 30% of the sales of innovative companies.

The CFIC Awards are a fantastic opportunity to:
 - Identify innovations or new ideas
 - Identify suppliers capable of questioning and adapting
 - Identify future partners
 - Identify growth drivers
 - Conquer new markets

Exhibitors, take advantage of this opportunity to stand out from the crowd and showcase your expertise and your capacity for innovation by registering your innovations in your customer area. You can present up to 3 innovations.

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