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RheoStream® FC – process control of rheology


Until now, viscosity control of lotions, creams, shower soaps and shampoos has been manual. Fluidan presents RheoStream®, the first process rheometer, enabling full automation of the manufacturing process. Save time, increase capacity. Process control belongs in the process, not in the lab!

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Viscosity control of personal care products has for long been a neglected field of innovation. Viscosity is of decisive importance for the consumer experience – and for brand loyalty. Today viscosity of lotions, creams, shower soaps and shampoos is controlled by manual laboratory methods, that do not enable automation of viscosity adjustment and that delays the completion of the manufacturing process. Nearly every step of manufacturing can be automated, and still this important step is manual- Why? Most liquid personal care products are shear thinning. For instance, a lotion is thick when it has been poured into the consumers hand, but it flows like a thin liquid when it is being spread on the skin. It is both high and low viscosity. This complexity cannot be handled by traditional in-line viscosimeters, so the measurements are made by manual methods, which offer full control of the sample liquid - but take time. Fluidan presents RheoStream® - it is a fully automated capillary rheometer in a box! It is installed next to the production line, and automatically takes samples and measures the viscosity profile every 1-3 minutes. Unlike any other process analyzer, RheoStream takes full control of the sample: The sample temperature is controlled to the desired level, and the viscosity is measured across a controlled range of shear rates. RheoStream is the first true process rheometer! With RheoStream it is now possible to monitor the viscosity profile, and to automate the process.

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2 janvier 2023 00:00


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