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Flexible suction and delivery hose manufactured, tested and packed in a controlled cleanroom (ISO 14644 class 8) for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products, chemicals and solvents, except for chlorine trifluoride, chlorine and fluorine gas, oxygen difluoride, phosgene and molten alkalis (for ex. sodium). Designed for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and foodstuff industries, where a flexible connection is required. The hose is produced with high quality elastomers, with excellent chemical and mechanical properties. Hose tested according to the main norms for food contact materials (FCM – Reg. (CE) 1935/2004). Manufactured according to GMP (Reg. (CE) 2023/2006). Not intended for use as an implant material. Not suitable for blood or human fluids. PTFE tubing easy to flare.

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