CFIC Orléans 2024

Collaborative expertise for in vitro efficacy and safety solutions


The collaboration between CEHTRA, GENEVOLUTION, PKDERM, SENZAGEN and WATCHFROG offers combined expertise on in vitro efficacy and safety solutions. Those complementary companies provide support to the industry on a wide range of topics. CEHTRA proposes scientific and innovative solutions ensuring regulatory compliance of cosmetics ingredients, formulas and packaging, through the digital tool COSMETICK; GENEVOLUTION is expert in in vitro genetic toxicology GLP or miniaturized methods; PKDERM develops smart innovative solutions using 2D and 3D human skin models for in vitro safety and efficacy testing; SENZAGEN, developer of the genomics-based GARD® platform for in vitro skin sensitizing hazard and potency assessment, including GARD®skin (OECD TG 442E), and WATCHFROG exclusively focuses on the assessment of endocrine disruptors (OECD TGs 248 and 251).

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