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Korozo Stand-up Pouches’


Client was using rigid bottle for liquid soap and wanted to generate a flexible packaging side product as refill. This is an almost fully black print with metallic elements, along with partial matte lacquer for an increased appeal.

Description longue

The side product is a PET/OPA/PE laminate that has very high drop and puncture resistance, with excellent print quality achieved by state of the art rotogravure printing units. The spout has a matching black cap color along with the rest of the packaging. - Reducing materials: Compared to rigid bottle, up to 65% plastic reduction is achieved. - Recyclability: Not recyclable, but has less environmental impact compared to its rigid bottle alternative along with less CO2 footprint both in production and during transit since pouches take less space compared to rigid bottles. It is easy to transport the same amount of rigid bottles in 5-8 truckloads which only takes 1 truckload for flexible pouches. - Based on all above green house gas emissions (GHG's) and environmental impact of packaging reduced.

Date de lancement

21 novembre 2023 00:00

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