CFIC 2023


Inspiring visions & food for thought to support the transformation of the cosmetics industry.

The world is changing, and the cosmetics industry is no exception! Climate issues, resource conservation, digital transition, responsibility towards future generations... these are just some of the challenges facing manufacturers.

The Cfic will be an opportunity to meet new players committed to the planet, to open up the field of possibilities and to draw inspiration from a wide range of external visions and experiences that can be transposed to the cosmetics industry. It's an opportunity to find out about and be inspired by different visions that are likely to challenge current models and help them evolve to meet the challenges of transition.

People committed to the planet are inviting us to think about the way we operate:

Transitions are at the heart of the content.  

Led by influential key figures, the conferences are structured around 4 major transitions:

 -> Digital: also known as digital transformation, the aim is to combine digital technology with the performance, productivity and efficiency of production chains, from conceptualisation to the finished product.

 -> Environmental: climate change, the depletion of natural resources and biodiversity are all issues that need to be addressed if we are to offer sustainable solutions.

 -> Energy: this stems from the environmental transition, but relates more specifically to energy. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diversifying electricity production and encouraging the use of renewable energies are the main challenges.

 -> Societal: at the heart of our concerns, changes in customs, laws and centres of interest are changing the models for the future. More details coming soon 

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